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Riccio_SH Sometime between midnight and 5 am on Thursday, the computer server that “dishes up” Stresshacker went down. And stayed down. Eventually, during the day, it died. The result was the disappearance of from the Internet. Service was not restored until late on Thursday evening, and not fully (with a new server) until this Friday afternoon, for a total down time of about 12 hours.

First, my apologies to the visitors who tried to access and were met with a screen that proclaimed its disappearance. We have taken the necessary steps and hopefully this type of incident will not happen again.

Second, this was an object lesson on the management of stress and anxiety. My reaction cycled through the stages, from denial (this can’t be happening), to anger (this shouldn’t be), to bargaining (maybe I can get them to fix it fast), to despair (we are down forever!), and finally to acceptance (we can use the down time to research and choose a better solution). The stress process took a couple of hours, while the repairs to the server took six times as long.

The lesson for me: experience the stress fully (I had a darn good reason), let the anxiety ebb and flow, and then get to work to address the real culprit: better Internet service.