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Counseling and Clinical Psychology. For change, growth, guidance. For a healthier body. For peace of mind. For the healing of your spirit. Individual, couples, families counseling. At my office in Alpharetta, GA or via telehealth. 

Welcome! I’m Dr. Sonia Maxwell, PsyD, LMFT, a licensed psychotherapist in private practice at Bellagio Psychotherapeutics. In my work with couples, adults, and teens, my hope is that clients will leave therapy confident in their strengths, equipped to make wise choices, and empowered to maintain much healthier lives and relationships. 

A Supportive Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapeutic Treatment of Dystonia Symptoms. This website is about Dr. Z's CBT-based adrenaline/cortisol reduction approach to the amelioration of dystonia symptoms.  

Leadership coaching plans, behavioral management consulting programs, advisory board services that target results. Professional and confidential executive coaching, consulting and advising by Dr. Mark Zuccolo. 

At Bellagio Psych, we offer quality services to clients seeking expert psychological care, training and experience, and personal attention to pursue optimal mental health. Dr. Zuccolo and Dr. Maxwell personally oversee, manage, and coordinate care for all our clients.  Office in Alpharetta, GA or via telehealth.   

Our worlds is how we perceive it. Our perception is far from accurate. Perception accuracy can be improved. With a better understanding of human nature and the acceptance of its good, bad, and ugly sides, we can function better, manage stress, and experience happiness. We can be wise.

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